Watch the video of Making Emily Sing, an introduction to the Dickinson Ensemble.

Emily Dickinson was a most musical poet. The melody of her words sings in the ear and the rhythm of her verses calls us to manifest them in harmony as well. And so still she sings.

The Dickinson Ensemble is a chamber group devoted solely to composing and performing musical works inspired by Dickinson’s rich literary legacy. We also seek to collaborate with artists in other disciplines to create new expressions of her visions in sound, sight, imagination, and motion. 

While there are hundreds of compositions based on her work, there is always room for new musical, literary, dance, and visual art collaborations and expressions that bring the creations of her mind into the world of tone, color, and movement. 

We are, we believe, the only musical group dedicated to conserving Dickinson’s musical legacy while focusing on creating new artistic collaborations built upon her work. Rather than being limited by this commitment, we are exploring her vast but largely unknown compositional heritage while making our own original contributions to the legacy of this most musical of poets.

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Photos by Nick Eipers